Features of the square

1Multi-functional Restroom

Our renovated restrooms have multi-functional equipment and a children's restroom for everyone in different needs.

2A Gazibo-Style Rest Area

There's a rest area near the entrance now.
It's a perfect place when you wish to take a break in a peaceful shade, and watch over your children as they play.

3Bamboo Grove Play Area

We have created a space in the Bamboo Park where people can freely dig and make crafts with bamboo growing there for special events.
Note : Application is required for use. For more information, please click here.

4Ramps for strollers and wheelchairs

The newly renovated square is safe for strollers and wheelchairs.
A gentle ramp leads up and down inside the square, allowing you to navigate easily.
You can also enjoy the seasonal flowers along the ramp.

5Fun Slide from the hill

The slide at the top of the hill is fun to slide, climb, and do all sorts of other things.
Let's be creative and have fun.

6Splash Pond “Jabu-Jabu Ike” for water play

Playing in the water is the best thing to do in the hot summer.
Let's have fun getting soaked in the splash pond “Jabu-Jabu Ike”!

7Transformable Fire Pit Benches

The benches in the square can be turned into a fire pit in an emergency situation.
It can be used for cooking and other purposes.
Note : Depending on your type of the event, these benches may be used as a fire pit.