Major bamboos and Sasa bamboos species in the Specimen plantations
The Bamboo Park has 110 species of bamboo and bamboo grasses planted. Each species is planted in a location that takes into account the park's geographical features, sunlight and other environmental factors. In the Ecological Garden, distinctive species are planted along the boardwalk and bamboo pathways for viewing. This page introduces the most important species and those with high ornamental value.

Phyllostachys pubescens Maz.ex Le.

Phyllostachys bambusoides Sieb. et Zucc.

Phyllostachys nigra Munro var. Henonis Stapt

Phyllostachys bambusoides var holochrysa

Phyllostachys pubescens var. Nabeshimana S.Suzuki

Phyllostachys bambusoides var. castilloni-inuersa

Phyllostachys nigra Munro

Sinobambusa Tootsik (Siebold) Makino

Sinobambusa Tootsik form. albo-striata Muroi

Pleioblastus Fortunei (Van Hou.) Nakai

Pleioblastus viridistriatus (Sie.) Makino

Shibataea kumasaka (Zoll.)