The Tea Room “Chikufuken”
In the Bamboo Museum, there is a tea room called “Chikufuken”. This room where tea ceremonies are held, is built using Kyoto bamboo called “Kyomeichiku” that was produced in Kyoto using a unique traditional technique, and bamboo crafts. Facing the Tea Room is a tea garden that represents Kyoto, creating an elegant atmosphere.

“Tsukimi-Dai” - Tea ceremony moon observation area

The front garden of the Tea Room.

A typical Kyoto garden on the south side of the Tea Room.
On the south side of the Tea Room, there is a moon observation area called “Tsukimi-Dai” and a stone washbasin(Tsukubai) surrounded by the Kenninji bamboo fence. You can also see Kitayama cedar and a traditional Kyoto-style garden surrounded with bamboo.
In front of the Tea Room, there is a garden with an artificial hill (Tsukiyama) and large stones. The green and gold Kimmei Moso Bamboo (Kinmei Mousou) and the white sand path create a wonderful contrast in scenery.
Reservation to use the Tea Room “Chikufuken”